A. I do not know if I have a  Navigator Sign-On and Password , how do I get one?

Most existing UPGNet users were set up automatically. However, if you do not log in regularly or are a newer employee you may not have access. To see if you already exist:

  1.  Log into Navigator at https://www.hvacnavigator.com

  1. Select Forgot Password and enter your email with a “.hn” after it: 
  2. If you have already been set up, you will automatically get an email to reset your password.  
  3. If you do not exist, you need to contact your local Delegated Admin or the Navigator help desk for access.

B. How do I know who my  Delegated Admin  is?

If you have access to Navigator you can find your Delegated Admin by selecting “Find my Admin”:

  1. Go to the dropdown in the upper right hand corner after logging in and select My Account drop down menu:

  2. Select Find My Admin from the drop down menu:

  4. Email or contact one of the Delegated Admins for access to Navigator or to change permission groups.

C. I do not appear to have the correct access to perform my duties in my role, who do I contact for additional “ Permission groups ”?

The Delegated Admin has access to the permission groups and can update your User Account record. To review the different permission groups we recommend using the permission group matrix guide. You can locate this by:

  1. Going to My Account > Help Training after logging in to Navigator:

  2. Select the Portal Delegated Administration Section:

  3. Select the Permission Group Examples to view what access you should have by role (in a simplified chart) or the Navigator Permission Group Guide Distributor to see all definitions:


d. How do I get Training on the new Navigator Platform?

Contact your Regional Account Manager, Factory Direct Branch, or Business Partner on how to get trained or assistance with learning the new tool.  There are live webinars available, as well as job aides and training videos depending on your role. 

Implement the proposed training schedule* , and emphasize that Distributors are responsible for training their Dealers.

  1. After logging in to Navigator, go to My Account > Help – Training:

E. Who do I contact if there is an “issue” (bug) or something that does not appear to be working properly in Navigator?

Contact the Navigator Helpdesk with details including:

HVAC Navigator Helpdesk:  navigatorsupport@hvacnavigator.com  or 844-319-0726 

F. How do I receive updates and communications pertaining to Navigator?

The Delegated Admin   has permission to update the email distribution lists on your user account. These distribution lists control the various email updates e.g. IT, Marketing, Product updates, as well the monthly Navigator Newsletters. 

Your Business Partner will also cascade relevant Navigator updates.

Contact your Delegated Admin and Business Partner to modify your email preferences. 

In addition to email updates, we recommend that you regularly check the Message Center on right-hand side of the Navigator landing page to remain current with key updates and the latest  release notes .

G. I know some applications are still pending and transitioning from the legacy UPGNet system, what is the work around?

View the Transition Dashboard *   to learn the simplest paths to legacy applications.


Remain current with the latest Navigator release notes.